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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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block with guns and burglary tools on them. >> this fire has claimed another life. three people now confirmed dead, one person still missing. deputies with cadaver dogs continue searching the burn zone and the fire crews are still on the front line. >> the valley fire is 35% contained with 70,000 acres now burned. here's the look at the latest burn area map. we have team coverage for you tonight. christy smith with the latest on the evacuees and jeff ranieri with the forecast. michelle, this is the tech community. lots of news today. >> reporter: there is some good news today. pg and e has restored coverage. power lines are just draped on the ground. it's not just the danger of the power but also the power poles that are whittled down so small they're at risk of falling. a lot of work needs to be done before this area is safe.
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>> hi, what can i do for you? >> this woman has been sleeping on the floor at the 24 matter since monday night >> we keep making sandwiches and waiting for the local to come by. >> reporter: she says keeping busy and feeding emergency crews is helping her get through the day. >> it's really hard. >> reporter: this morning she received devastating news. her good friend didn't survive the fast moving fire. >> i was really hoping he made it out. >> reporter: today she's grateful for the hug she gave him a couple of weeks ago. >> he was an amazing man. i'm going to miss him so much. >> reporter: work crews made progress cutting down unstable trees. the nearly 70,000 are still in the dark. >> in some instance poles are disintegrated because of the impact of the fire. there's a great deal of
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reconstruction that needs to be done. >> reporter: 500 power poles still need to be replaced, as the fire continue to burn in spite of yesterday's rain. >> there's still a chance with the warmup that we could get flare ups in the days to come. >> reporter: at the 24 matter, she's ready to welcome her neighbors home. >> trying to move forward and you know, what else can you do in this kind of tragedy. life goes on as they say. >> reporter: well, the fire 35% contained and 7500 structures are still being threatened tonight. i did speak to firefighters. they say they're trying to get rest when they can. but it could be a long fight. reporting live, michelle roberts. nbc bay area news. the other victim discovered yesterday was bruce burns, 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams has also died. more than 1500 firefighters,
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they got a boost from yesterday's rain. but things are change in a big way. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with it. the heat is coming. now if the wind comes with it, that's the huge concern. >> there's nothing i'm seeing right now that would show any kind of a wind storm with winds gusting more than 35 miles per hour. but it's going to get hotter. the gustiest winds we have, 25 miles per hour at the coast. interior, anywhere from 10 to 17. the fire forecast tomorrow, two key changes. the temperature wills be warming up to 85 degrees. winds could gust as high as 25. humidity also lowering to 25%. that's going to make the air a lot drier. and also the fuels out there so the fire could spread faster through tomorrow's forecast. the way the wind pattern is shaping up, no smoke is expected to blow into the bay area but we could have some smoke in sacramento valley. let's take you to what the
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firefighters are fearing the most this weekend. that is the hotter temperatures, sat 92 degrees, sunday 94, monday 93. a very hot event for three days and then we'll cool down through tuesday. i also think just those three days humidity values could be in the single digits and that's something else the firefighters are going to be watching closely and figuring out how to battle that. >> thank you very much. an intensely emotional meeting is going oun right now at the campgrounds. evacuees are getting the latest from the officials as to when they can begin to rebuild their lives. christy smith has been up side that meeting. she joins us live. the evacuees were sharing their stories of how they got out and everything that they lost. >> reporter: that's right. and so many questions here, of course, from people. when can i go back to my neighborhood. when can i see for myself. these people grabbed what they could and fled over the weekend
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to escape the flames of the valley fire. what they're hearing now from members of cal fire is what firefighters are still dealing with in fighting the valley fire. of course they're saying that the rain that we had yesterday, it did help. but it also made the hills slippery for firefighters. in addition, deputies are having to watch for looters. they also mentioned the three people who died in the fire, this as nearly 1,000 evacuees are staying at the nap campgrounds in al to ga. a lot of folks here waiting for word on when they might know more about their property, and when they can go back. the evacuation area was large, parts of napa county and lake. today those on the outer edge got a little positive news. >> first today we let the community return home, which is evacuated in napa county, a little southeast of the fire. tonight we're going to talk more
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about what the plans are for that. i don't know at this point but we're working on it. >> my sisters home survived in cobb and we're hoping to put a trailer there if the county will allow us and we can help each other. >> reporter: now that was a woman there who lost her home, the one that she rented, talking about possible options of where she could go next. we spoke with many who said they lost their home and their job. that their place of business burned down too. again they're waiting patiently, speaking with firefighting, pge and and trying to get the lathelatest information that they can. we have new information come in around the clock. we invite you to stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of this fire. download our free nbc bay area app. well the fight over a delayed hospital project exploded today with accusations and lawsuits. we first broke the story a
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couple of weeks ago about the $300 million hospital projects at valley med that's about two years behind schedule. today the county officially fired turner construction and then filed a lawsuit. we've been on the forefront of the investigation. robert? >> there was a lot of frantic behind the scenes negotiations going on right up to the last minute but in the end within turner could not and would not meet the county's terms. that means the hospital project is in limbo right now and both sides are heading to court. when i took our nbc bay area come ras into the unfinished bay area project, it was supposed to open in three weeks but as the pictures showed, that wasn't going to happen. not one room was ready. county officials say that turner construction didn't take the hospital project seriously and told us one problem was turner diverted subcontractor to its bigger high profi filfile levi
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stadium. they accused turner of unsafe working conditions. and released a video of a scene last year where a worker escaped with minor injuries. the county notified turner that it intended to fire the firm and the county locked turner out last friday and today fire the company. >> we've asked them for remedies to the situations and they've never been able to give aus true remedy. they just give us excuses. >> the county took its legal action one step further. it filed a lawsuit for damages saying that the county was going to expand services into the new building so the delays were costing $100,000 a day in lost revenue, up to $70 million a year. >> the only way that we're going to be able to recoup that money and to fend off turner's complaints and claims is to be
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in court. >> now, in a statement turner sent me, turner maintains county mismanagement is to blame for the delays citing a lack of direction, bad planning and numerous design flaws. turner believes when the true facts are brought to light it will be vindicated and it will be the county that pays turner tens of millions of dollars for breaches. regardless, a $300 million build sits empty right now. but the county is already working with a new contractor to evaluate the contract and a decision on who will replace turner could come next week. no more rabbit meet at whole foods following an abc investigation in may, that revealed conditions that the company's rabbit meat farms. vickie nguyen is here with the details. the companies expects the rabbit meat to be out of the stores by
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january. whole foods started selling rabbit meat in select markets last summer, including northern california. the company said for many years lots of customers requested the meat. not so said peat owners. 60,000 people signed a petition. others staged protests, many concerned about how the rabbits were being raised and slaughtered. our investigation revealed usda inspectors noted animal welfare issues for rabbits caged overnight in cold weather with no access to water. the usda sent a letter of caution to the whole food rabbit form for sending out multiple cartons of meat improperly label as usda inspected when they were not. the actions did not meet its farm's standards of no crates, cages or tethers. >> ultimately nbc exposed that they were not following huh main standards, that there were violations in food safety.
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we're thrilled that whole foods has decided to stop the sale of rabbit meat. we wish it had come sooner. >> now whole foods declined or interview request but said in an e-mail we were pleased to work with a small group of farmers to create a rabbit growing system. however the pilot revealed that the sales volume did not justify the continuation or expansion of the pilot program to a national program. it's online nbc bay click on the investigations tab. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or you can send vickie an e-mail al nbc bay i'm live in san jose with some disturbing text messages attributed to the guards accused of murder in san jose. that story is coming up next. also, an implosion under water. getting rid of that old bay bridge is controversial. we'll show you what happened
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today. plus new video showing a close call between kayakers and a whale is prompting a new warning, a sightseeing tourist might unintentionally be breaking the law.
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the red and gold running game that led to the 168 yards will not catch pittsburgh however by surprise for their homeown homeown opener. the 9er coach is going home. be critical in this murder case.
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new court documents reveal new details about the jail gaurds accused of the text messages might be critical in this murder case. new documents reveal new details about the jail guards accused of murdering an inmate.
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text messages were allegedly sent by these three guards to each other showing what prosecutors say is a pattern of inmate abuse. nbc bay area's damian tra hey yo joins us this evening. >> reporter: the texas messages appear in the court documents that we've obtained from superior court. and they're part of the reason that prosecutors say that the jail guards should be denied bail at tomorrow's hearing. prosecutors say this is one of other jail guard victims. prosecutors say matthew farris, and two others abused him before going into the jail cell of michael tyre and beating him to death. they were both diagnosed with mental illness. >> when the staff isn't trained on how to deal with that and how to deal with it in a really tough environment any way, problems are going to occur. >> prosecutors filed this
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paperwork with the court, containing text messages between the guards much before twre's death. in one text he texted guard matthew farris saying quote he was surprise about me slapping him that he sat on his bed hand on his cheek. has h ha ha ha. in another text, he told him about his cellblock on the sixth floor. >> i've seen it with my own two eyes and it's really sad. >> reporter: this woman said her daughter was beaten by zbardsgut the jail. >> reporter: yesterday with jail guard cadets were in the courtroom in part of a one-week training on dealing with mental health inmates. the lawyer says that's not
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enough. >> no, i don't think a week is enough. i think that experienced correctional officers should be involved with the clients who have mental health issues. >> reporter: the attorney for the jail guards has told me in the past that those jail guards are innocent. we're live tonight, nbc bay area news. seven years ago today a cyclist in san francisco was shot to death. it's a crime that remains unsolved. it happened near 15th and ka brill lo. three men crowded the victim trying to u get him off of his bike and when he kicked them away, one of them shot him in the back. he was 23 years old. he was a graduate of uc santa cruz. the police are asking for the public's health in identifying the killers and they're offering a $7500 reward. brandy young is also a cold case victim. police still need help finding
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his killer. in june of 2008, young was with friends at a crowder boiling alley when he was shot several times in the head. he was just 19 at the time. since he's originally from richmond, the police say the killer may be there from well. they're hoping to hear from anyone with in addition. the under water implosion of the old bay bridge may happen as soon as november. may happen. pete sara to is at the ferry in san francisco. nothing come easy when dealing with this project. >> reporter: definitely. they've given an hour long presentation at the building behind me about how the under water implosion will work to remove the section of the bay bridge and to be quite honest within it's going to happen pretty fast if this goes through. cal state says the implosion will take only 6 seconds. and of course there's concerns
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from a lot of folks if it's going to contaminate the wildlife in that water. but the commissioners were ultimately sold on the speed of the implosion. >> years. this is quicker and because they're not driving piles over the span of years, environmental benefits actually improve. >> now six state and federal environmental agencies are on board but they need approval from the army corps of engineers before going through with the implosion in november. new at 6:00 tonight, a warner for swimmers, boaters and kayakers. be ware of whales and sharks and whatever you do, don't get in their way. a couple of kayakers were nearly crushed last weekend when a full sized humpback whale breached out of the water. marine biologists say that warm waters are bringing them closer
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to the shore. they're looking to feed. so authorities are warning everyone that disrupting them is illegal. you must keep 100 yard buffer ore face finds up to $100,000. >> pretty amazing to see that video. let's bring in jeff ranieri. this is it, the last weekend of summer. >> yes, it is. summer is really going to give us a huge bang as we head through saturday and sunday with dangerous uncomfortable heat coming our way. we'll take a look at what's happening this very moment. high pressure that will produce the heat this weekend is building in offshore. even though we have a bank of fog here, this area of high pressure is still strong enough to keep the fog away and boost our numbers. about 15 degrees in santa rosa from this time yesterday when we had the rain, up 10 degrees in napa an back toward livermore, 70 degrees. no major increase? san jose.
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let's take you outside to the sky camera network. beautiful shot in belvedere. 72 degrees, unlimited visibility back towards san francisco and we have a lot more views here just in case your were stuck in the office all day long. the fog rolling in but it's not too thick. east bay, oakland hills brilliant blue sky. our last stop on the sky camera tour this evening is going to be right here across the bay area. tomorrow's forecast, it will get warm near the north bay but not uncomfortable. 86 degrees, still doable. let's take you into the next hottest weather we have coming our way, and that will be on sunday. so it's going to get warmer on saturday, definitely, but sunday will be the hottest. unfortunately we did have the bump up the forecast to 100 degrees in the tri-valley on sunday, san francisco 82 and south bay expecting 98 degrees. the beaches will be at the 70s.
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but anybody heading out to the beaches will watch out for the typical rough surf and rip currents. more in about 25 minutes. more mountain lions on the prowl in san mateo county. we'll tell you where and what the police are doing about it. a visit in the oval office, the words of praise from the president for the three california men who saved a train full of people. "the very best of america"
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===take vo=== that's the praise president obama lavished on three friends the very best of america. that's the praise president obama lavished on three friends from sacramento who sb dued a gunman on a paris bound train last month. he met with the trio in the oval office today. >> we just want to say thank you to them for not only saving so many lives but also for making america look so good. >> been quite a run for the trio. they've received france's highest honor and today they received more hardware from defense secretary ash carter. the presentation ceremony was held at the pentagon. a lot of flight delays across the country and weather had nothing to do with it. american airlines has computer issues. computers were down and customers couldn't check in it. it grounded flights at chicago, o'hare, dallas-fort worth and
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miami. 280 flights, affected. san jose international flights were delayed up to 90 minutes. american says the problem has been fixed. on the prowl for mountain lions, an added duty for the deputies. officers saw a mountain lion wondering the neighborhood in creek ridge court, not far from 280. another was seen roaming near san mateo hills on saturday. you may remember, one mountain lion caused quite a scare back in may until i was tranquilized and dragged off. here are some of the locations where the mountain lions have previously been spotted. most are around the hills. some have wandered into more populated areas as they look for water and food. happening right now, a news conference in call to ga involving the valley fire. we're keeping an eye on what's
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happening with this fire. we'll check in live just after this break. also ahead, a disaster zone in chile as well. we'll have an update about the earthquake that has turned towns into reality and why the fear of another tumbler is still very much a reality. escaped the flames --
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well happening right now, they're getting answers that they've been finally asking for
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so many days. we're talking about calistoga and the evacuation center. so many of the evacuees are there asking questions about temporary housing, insurance claims and when they can go back and visit their property. >> the tension has been mounting, especially for those families who whose homes are still standing. christy smith is in calistoga. tell us about what's happening in the meeting. >> reporter: people haven't been home in days, have been staying here in tents are relieved about getting some new information from the meeting. some hidden valley lake residents will likely be able to go home within 24 hours. some people will be home tomorrow in lake county. others will likely be home in seven days or less. she believes the house she rented was destroyed in the fire. now days later she's wondering what's next. >> my sister's home survived in cobb and we're hoping to put a trailer there if the county will
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allow us. >> reporter: it's a common concern as the evacuees get help from the red cross with where they answered questions some raidsed about the availability of the space of the indoor shelter. >> there are people that opted to stay outside in tents because they would have their whole family in tents with a little more privacy. >> reporter: she just asks that a person register. there's plenty of space inside. for many, the pressing issue, not just the loss of a home but also a job. >> i was waste management supervisor. >> reporter: stuart lackey will now look for a new career but wants to know if his place made it. >> yeah, i want to see it. i live down in a ravine. it might have jumped. i don't know. >> reporter: we're told at this point the authorities are still working on a list of destroyed homes and they hope to have that together very soon. reporting live in calistoga, christy smith, nbc bay area
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news. making matters worse, some shaking reported near the valley fire today. the usgs registered two small earthquak earthquakes. here's a look at how close the quakes were to the valley fire burn area. the strongest of the quakes a 2.5. we've got raw video of the fire on or download or app. we have a slide show of the latest images. we have new details of the butte fire. two people have died but there is process. fire crews found the bodies in burned debris south of sacramento. tonight the fire is nearly 50% contained after destroying more than 250 homes. you're looking at another casualty of the butte fire. this young mountain lion was found. workers are trying to nurse the back to health.
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if you spot injured wildlife, it's best to leave them alone and call fish and wildlife officials. well the threat of a tsunami is over tonight for california and hawaii. however, violent aftershocks continued to rock the region in chile. the death toll stands at 11 but the number is expected to rise as the rescue teams reach the hardest hit areas. let's bring in janelle wang with more on this developing story. >> chile is prone to earthquakes. largest one recorded was in 1960 in chile. since there's been mayor improvements to building codes and warning systems which probably saved lives this around. yesterday's 8.3 magnitude earthquake lasted for three minutes. it was felt all the way as argentina. it hit 175 miles northwest of the capital city of santiago.
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a nil onpeople were ordered to evacuate. the waves caused significant damage. the shaking hasn't stopped. >> there's always the possibility one one in ten big earthquakes, four shocks of a big earthquake. and there can be other processes such as landslides that may happen in a delayed fashion. >> after the quake tsunami watches and advisories were issued as far away as hawaii and the california coastline, thousands of miles away. both states saw a slight ocean surge in the early morning hours but nothing significant. swimmers and surfers were warned and urged to stay out of the water as a precaution. the victim of the bizarre kidnapping say not only were they traumatized and mistreated
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by their attacker, but at at the police. they've filed a claim against the city. jodi hernandez is in vallejo this evening with the latest twist. >> reporter: the victim's attorney say the way police treated the kidnapping victims was absolutely shameful. today they filed this claim against the city for the harm they say the pair suffered. >> the police took the al too common approach of blaming the victims. >> reporter: attorneys for kidnapping victims denise huskins and aaron quinn say that the vallejo police intentionally destroyed their lives and reputations. six months after their terrifying ordeal, attorneys filed a claim against the city of vallejo. >> they were innocent of their alleged crimes yet they were painted to the world as having been involved in a terrible hoax. >> reporter: investigators say that huskins and quinn were
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blindfolded and bound by an intruder as they slept in their home in march. the intruder kidnapped huskins for two days during which she says she was raped. but the vallejo police characterized the whole thing as a hoax. >> the statement that mr. quinn provided was such an incredible story we initially had a hard time believing it. >> reporter: but in july, the fbi arrested a suspect. the attorneys say that the vallejo police are traumatized the couple even more by this vicious attack. >> denise and aaron were victims of horrific crimes and they had the right not to be victim mooz bid the vallejo city police. >> we think if the police had taken their statements seriously in the beginning that perhaps such person could have been behind bars months ago, back in
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march. >> reporter: now the victims' attorneys are claiming that the police may have mishandled evidence in the investigation. they say that they belief that the police misplaced the results of denise has kins' rape kit. police are not commenting, neither is the city saying they cannot talk about a pending lawsuit. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. two men are facing legal trouble tonight accused of ripping gold chains right from womens' necks. the two were arrested. last week the two walked up to two different women and took their jewelry. both robberies within the span of a couple of hours. similar crime sprees have been reported in santa clara. have you seen this guy? he's not a book burner but a book breaker. gilroy police say he walked into the library and tore up 40 books. the damage $1300 worth.
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well, will it work? san jose's airport has been selected if are an interment tall security study. it comes with $1 million in funding. if money is on top of a $3 million grant awarded last month for safety improvements. sjc has had several security breaches in the last year. this new study will examine whether the faa needs to change its stand guards for runway security. stealing the spotlight from donald trump, carly fiorina impressing viewers last night. what about the voters in the bay area. reaction is next. a new view of pluto. never seen it before. what the scientists are hoping to find with these new images.
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to find with these new images. ==jess/ots== the battle of tech
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giants continues. apple and samsung took their fighto the battle of the tech giants continues. apple and samsung took their fight to a federal appeals court and apple wins again. apple wants samsung to quit selling devices, we're talking about the iphone slide to lock, data correct. last year the jury ordered samsung to pay apple $120 million for using those features. but that doesn't permanently stop samsung from sealing the devices. today the federal appeals court in washington, d.c. agreed with apple and sent the case back to san jose for the judge to reconsider. interest rates will stay the same but not for long. that's good news for people if you want to buy a house. fed chair janet yellen said today there are several concerns about this decision.
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the volatility on wall street. yellen says she would like to see wage increases and continued job growth here in the united states. she did stress a rate hike will happen sometime in year. look carefully. icy plants and a moon scape full of craters. scientists are'gly scanning these new closeup of pluto. they're excited about the appearance of haze or fog in the atmosphere which could indicates pluto has daily changes in its weather. just like the earth. pluto's temperatures 3000 degrees below zero. >> going to be an interesting seven-day forecast. 304, 305. >> i just need tesla to build me a vehicle to get up there. >> now you're angling. >> let's move on, right?
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a little side track to night. you can see a live look outside. there is the fog. it's come pressed down because we have high pressure aloft. the fog is not going to be with us too much longer. we'll talk about the hotter temperatures saturday and sunday and what it means for the fire danger in just a few minutes. i'm scott butman in san francisco. it's part tech show, part rock and roll show. coming up, the big issue that the biggest show in san francisco is taking on. chunk of san francisco.. and
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tonight, the dreamforce party continues. lots of well it shut down a pretty big chunk of san francisco and tonight the dream force party continues. lots of technology, lots of music and lots of talk about equal pay for women in tech. our business tech reporter scott
6:46 pm
budman joins us now. scott? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, dream force is part tech show, part rock show, part fundraiser. it's huge and today it took on a huge issue here in the bay area, equal pay for women. 170,000 people and the number one topic of conversation at dream force, equal pay for women in tech. >> this is now a priority in the company. this is a trons formation that we're looking to do. >> reporter: cindy robins of sales force went to her ceo and said women should be paid equally. it worked. >> what we're trying to do is have the dialogue, take sheryl sandberg's lean-in vision, continue the dialogue and make a call to action for the other companies to make this part of their culture. >> we are featuring women engineers. we have incredible diversity. but we're really focused on making sure that women have a
6:47 pm
great opportunity in our industry to earn equal pay, equal opportunity in math and all aspects of the technology industry. >> congratulation to all of you. >> reporter: unlike most tech conferences, this one is full of women, executives, employees, students, all trying to encourage others to get involved. >> people have to change their attitude in thinking about what makes a successful company and one of them is diversity, without it being an insult and trying to do numbers. >> reporter: with more work to be done -- >> the sales force has about 20% -- >> reporter: the word is getting out. the women's leadership summit will be a regular part of dream force going forward. dream force wraps up tonight with the show from foo fighters and the killers. in san francisco, scott budman,
6:48 pm
nbc bay area news. >> should we go? the foo futhers? >> can we get in? do we know anybody? >> jeff, outside concert in the city? >> i'll have to give scott a call first. great weather for that. we have fog close to the coastline in san francisco but it's not a total fog in if you know what i mean. they still should have a little clearing, but it will get chilly. 79 in the south bay, peninsula at 75, east bay 79 degrees. and there's the chilly part in san francisco right now 64 degrees. but the north bay check in with 75. i've been showing this camera a lot today because it's so gorgeous. if you live in belvedere, you are lucky. currently 70 degrees. a big departure from the rainfall and the cloudy conditions we had yesterday. now tomorrow morning with the clear skies we have right now, even extending into parts of the
6:49 pm
a.m., it will help temperatures cool off more. we'll start as low as 49 degrees in the north bay, east bay at 57 and the south bay at 55 degrees. the storm system that brought the rain is moving off to the east. that's going the make way for another beautiful day on friday. we have sunny skies and temperatures just in the 80s. but once we hit the weekend, saturday and sunday, a ten to 15 degree warmup. it's the last thing we need with the fire danger. ten fires burning across california. but there's nothing we can do about it. just be prepared for that. now the other thing we're going to be tracking are the dropping humidity. that will also make the fire danger worse. through tomorrow winds are out of the west-northwest. that's a cooler wint. but watch what happens. saturday the winds turn more out of the east. it's a dry hot wind and it
6:50 pm
lowers the humids. so even though it's not overly gusty, it will keep the fire dang up there. not only saturday, but sunday we'll continue with the winds turning out of the east. and that could blow some smoke in from the valley fire. let's take you to the micro climate forecast on friday. san francisco, beautiful day, financial district 73, mission 71. we'll get you to the north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley. we do warm up considerably in the tri-valley but we should stay out of the 90s. looking at 87 in danville. this weekend again it gets hoe hot. sunday looks like it's going to be the hottest for the south bay, 89 degrees, san francisco 82, tri-valley going up to 100 degrees. it will be 70s at the beaches. the current is going to be a little rough. if you head out there, get the spf on, sit back, relax and enjoy. >> i think i'm going to do that. up next, big news from the
6:51 pm
49ers, a shake up today in terms of their roster at the running back spot. one player on the hunt for another team and that's good news. jared
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i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> a lot of applause, carly fiorina on the rise. that was a response to what donald trump said about her face earlier on the campaign trail. now fiorina is the only woman in a sea of men vying for the republican nomination for president. fiorina, the former hp ceo.
6:54 pm
now local bay area women in the tech field specifically reacted to the showdown between fiorina and trump on stage last night. >> the question is, do they translate well to running a government, is it the same thing. can she -- she hasn't been a ceo for a while. can she be a good sppolitician. it's an interesting debate between two business people. >> more than 22 million viewers with, which is a cnn record. insiders and pundits say fiorina stood out in this debate. a lot of bickering that you may have seen during this three-hour debate with fiorina, jeb bush and chris christie considered to have done well. donald trump was a little more subdued an usual. let's turn things over to sports. we're starting with football? >> yes, we are. we're talking 49ers and kind of a big move they made with the
6:55 pm
emergence of jarryd hayne as a reliable reserve running back. the 49ers decided to take a chance and they waived kendall hunter who us with on the injured reserve list. hunter missed all of last year with a torn acl and was placed on injured reserve when the club made cuts to reach 53 men on in september. hayne carried the ball and blocked. it elevated him into the number two spot on the depth chart. >> we just felt like he was just another 49er that was in there and was going to keep whatever it was we were going to call and that's a real compliment to him. a's and white sox getting up early for the conclusion of their four-game set. 1-1 in the 5th. milky cabrera at the dish. that is a base hit back up the middle. white sox, 2-1 lead.
6:56 pm
same in the 9th. there's a blast deep to right and it's a three-run shot just off the glove of garcia. billy butler's second of the series. a game changer and game winner. a's with the victory. steph curry returning to his alma mater and to put in work. the mvp participated in a workout at davidson college with his old coach and the basketball program. he brought the larry o'brien trophy with him for show and tell in front of a packed house. boy, what an off season for the mvp commercials, a shoe and a trip back home. >> does he have a day off? >> we're going to ask him wife. all right. that's going to do it for us tonight. >> yes. hot this weekend, though. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
>> the 49ers expect to carry the momentum. the steelers yielded just 80 yards on the ground and their opening loss to new england. jim tomsula is going home as the 9er coach hails from pa.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
carly fiorina's epic face off with donald trump. >> everything you didn't know about the woman who stole the show now on extra. donald, duck. carly takes aim. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> everyone is talking about the break out star. >> her rise to power, family tragedy and her take today on the gop debate. >> plus jimmy's new hillary donald farce. >> and then the agt judges talk trump. >> i guess


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